About Dr. Hatsumi Sensei Ninjutsu book: History and Tradition


Dr. Hatsumi Sensei, the 34th Soke of Togakure Ryo Ninpo, the head of the Bujinkan dojo worldwide, published this book in 1981. Yet, its importance and value seems to grow in time. It is a valuable book, not only to Bujinkan participants, but to all martial artists, because it focuses on real techniques, as well as tested ways and the right spirit to survive. In addition to its presentation of many facets of Ninjutsu, it can serve as an essential testimony against people that have enough spare time to provoke all sorts of views about Bujinkan heritage without mastering the system and training with its great teachers.

The book that came out in the Unique publishing House edition has 238 pages. It starts with a historical background written both by Takamatsu Sensei and Dr. Hatsumi Sensei. Following is a long chapter about Tai-jutsu, - Unarmed combat. Many issues are covered, such as basic stances, important strikes, and kicks.

The rest of the book gives a thorough presentation of traditional weapons in various combat situations. The last chapters allow a glimpse into two important themes in Ninjutsu: the Kunoichi – the Ninja woman warrior, and Kiai and Kuji, two deeper aspects of the art. The book has many photos that help to present this marvelous traditional art.

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Ofer Cohen 10Dan, Israel
Student of Shihan Danny Waxman (15Dan) and Doron Navon.

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